Fuse Sift - 300 Micron Sieve

Fuse Sift - 300 Micron Sieve

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300 Micron Sieve Description

During part extraction on the Fuse Sift, unsintered powder is dislodged and funneled into the sifter below the workspace. This 300 µm sieve filters out chunks or debris to keep the powder clean, while allowing powder flow with Nylon 11 CF Powder. The reclaimed powder can then be stored in a dedicated hopper until mixing with fresh powder for the next print.

The Sift 300 Sieve is required for use with Nylon 11 CF Powder only (other SLS powders are compatible with the 150µ sieve provided with Fuse Sift).


  • Compatibility: Fuse Sift
  • Powder Compatibility: Required for Nylon 11 CF Powder only

What's included

  • 300-micron sieve for the Fuse Sift (user-replaceable)