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Form 3BL Large 3D Printer for Medical Applications
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Form 3BL

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Looking for the Dental Form 3BL?

Each Form 3BL large format medical 3D printer package includes the essential tools required to start printing.

The Form 3BL is ideal for printing full scale anatomy, large medical devices, and prototypes, and works around the clock with minimal supervision.  For smaller models, the large build volume of the Form 3BL is great for high throughput 3D printing.

Our technology has been validated in multiple FDA-cleared workflows and we develop and manufacture our own biocompatible materials in an ISO 13485 certified, FDA-registered facility. Parts can be sterilized using steam, e-beam, gamma, or EtO.

Form 3BL Build Volume: 335 x 200 x 320mm (W x D x H)

Choose Your Form 3BL Medical Package 

Configure your Form 3BL ecosystem to fit your production needs.

Start with a preset configuration and continue to customize your setup.

Recommended: Form 3BL Complete Package

Maximize productivity with the Form 3BL Complete Package. This package includes our automated post-processing machines to streamline your entire 3D printing workflow, making it the ideal solution for cost-effective, in-house, large-scale production.

 What’s Included

  • Form 3BL 3D Printer
  • Form Wash L
  • Form Cure L
  • Cleaning tools
  • Form 3L Build Platform
  • Form 3L Resin Tank
  • Medical Service Plan 1 Year (Warranty)

Customize Your Form 3BL Package

Contact sales to configure your Form 3BL ecosystem to fit your production needs.

Form 3BL Basic Package

This package includes the basics required to start printing with the Form 3BL 3D Printer.

What’s Included

  • Form 3BL 3D Printer
  • Form 3L Finish Kit
  • Cleaning tools
  • Form 3L Build Platform
  • Form 3L Resin Tank
  • Medical Service Plan 1 Year (Warranty)

About the Form 3BL Packages

The Form 3BL uses Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ to turn liquid resin into flawless parts. This advanced print process offers incredible print quality, surface detail, and a platform for more advanced materials and applications.

A key component of the LFS process is the flexible Resin Tank which significantly reduces peel forces during printing to make removing supports as easy as possible.

The included Build Platform provides a base for your part to adhere to during printing, while the cleaning tools assist with finishing and post-processing your prints.

Our included one-year warranty provides peace of mind and access to support resources.

Our included warranty provides peace of mind and access to support resources

  • One-year warranty
  • Email support
  • On-demand resources through our support site

Accessories for an efficient, ergonomic workflow

Add additional Build Platforms and Resin Tanks to enable continuous printing and reduce downtime.

Complete your package

Streamline your workflow and consistently produce high-quality, biocompatible parts with our automated, large format post-processing machines.

Form Wash L removes residual resin after printing while Form Cure L completes the curing process to help parts achieve peak mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy.

Form Wash L and Form Cure L meet the requirements for biocompatible parts when post-processed in accordance with the relevant Instructions For Use.

The Rinse Bucket is a manual alternative to the automated Form Wash L.

Form Wash L and Form Cure L Bundle

Form Wash L and Form Cure L are available at a discounted bundle price with any Form 3BL purchase.

Form 3L Finish Kit: Rinse Bucket V2

Form 3L Finish Kits are available at a discount with any Form 3BL purchase. Please mention this in your contact with sales.

Clean, strong parts with less effort

Form Wash L automates the removal of residual resin from SLA 3D printed parts, leaving you with a smooth, clean, high-quality part every time. Once washing completes, parts are lifted out of the solvent to air dry, avoiding over-soaked, warped prints.

Our automated post-curing solution, Form Cure L, includes pre-programmed cure settings that maximize mechanical properties and ensure parts come out true to size. Form Cure L precisely combines heat and light to consistently post-cure prints.

The Rinse Bucket is a manual alternative to the automated Form Wash L.

Add a Service Plan

Maximize your return, protect your investment, and eliminate unexpected costs with our service plans.

Medical Service Plans set you up for success and support you along the way

  • Priority access to Medical Service Specialists - A direct line to a team of certified Medical Service Specialists and prioritized email support from our dedicated staff.
  • Customized training - A 90-minute live training session over video with a Medical Service Specialist, customized for you.
  • Hot swaps for hardware replacements - Ensure constant uptime: Formlabs will ship you a replacement printer to keep you printing if your printer needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Warranty for the duration of the plan - The Medical Service Plan extends the one-year warranty included with your printer to the full duration of the chosen plan.