Isopropanol (IPA – Isopropyl Alcohol) 20L

Isopropanol (IPA – Isopropyl Alcohol) 20L

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ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL (IPA) is >99.99% pure and is one of the most useful cleaning aids you can have around. It is widely used as a sanitiser, general solvent and cleaner.

Use Recommendations

IPA is commonly used for washing SLA 3D prints, including with Formlabs' 3D printers.

IPA  is a clear, colourless liquid with a mild odour that is a versatile and effective solvent being soluble in water, alcohols and other solvents, and will dissolve many types of organic substances including cellulose, oils, gums as well as natural resins.

IPA is used as a universal cleaner for electronics equipment, being ideal for removing dust, buildup and marks as well as being a handy way to clean PCB surfaces when servicing and as a head cleaner.

IPA is also used as a stain removal in the laundries as well as medical-grade surface disinfectant in abattoirs, veterinary clinics & food industry when used neat or diluted down to 80%, 75% or 70% depending upon site requirements.

IPA is also widely used for vehicle paintwork and glass surfaces prior to affixing body wraps, sticker or tints over expensive proprietary cleaners.