Formlabs Rigid 4000 SLA Resin
Rigid 4000 Resin
Rigid 4000 Resin
Rigid 4000 Resin
Rigid 4000 Resin
Rigid 4000 Resin

Rigid 4000 Resin

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Rigid 4000 Resin Description

Whether you’re optimizing your manufacturing process, rapidly iterating through designs, or assessing form, fit, and function, Formlabs Engineering Resins are formulated to withstand extensive testing and perform under stress.

Glass-filled Rigid 4000 Resin prints with a smooth, polished finish and is ideal for stiff and strong parts that can withstand minimal deflection.

Consider Rigid 4000 Resin for general load-bearing applications. The “4000” in the name represents the material’s tensile modulus.

If you need a stiffer material, try Rigid 10K resin.


  • Supports print resolutions: 100 and 50 microns.
  • Post-curing required. Requires Resin Tank LT for Form 2.
  • Requires Form 3 Resin Tank V2 for Form 3.
  • Please note: Rigid 4000 Resin decreases the lifetime of resin tanks. Read more about Resin Tank lifetime on Formlabs website.
  • Notice: Form 3 Resin Tank V1 is incompatible with Rigid, Grey Pro, Elastic, and Tough 2000 Resins. There are two versions of the Form 3 Resin Tank: Tank V1 and Tank V2.

What's Included

  • Rigid 4000 Resin 1L